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Mentoring By Brian Green

Design And Plan Fabulously!

The primary goal of Mentoring By BrianGreen is to assist wedding and event planners in their business growth by providing tangible guidance, educational tools, templates and support to its mentees. This professional development is supported on their journey by raising their level of customer and personal satisfaction.

The program is geared to enhance the knowledge and experience of wedding creatives regardless of where there are in their business cycle. It is ideal for planners who are just starting out to mature business owners who have been planning events for years.

Mentoring By BrianGreen will challenge attendees to think differently, study best practices, push their boundaries and ultimately guide them towards planning events passionately and successfully.

“As wedding planners it is our responsibility to help our clients entertain their family and friends as a couple for the very first time. What we do during planning sets the tone for how they will entertain those loved ones for the rest of their lives.”
- Brian A. M. Green
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